Online Classes for Healing and Wellness

Our online classes for healing and wellness offer a personalized way to learn, at your own pace. For over 30 years the Arasini Foundation has taught classes on healing, wellness, and movement toward well-being of energy balancing. Thousands of individuals have benefited from these teachings in workshops, seminars, and personal energy work. The teachings help them lead more healthy, balanced lives. Now we are pleased to offer these teachings to many more people through online classes.

Our online classes are designed to help you move toward:

  • Living at your greatest potential
  • Becoming healthier, with a greater sense of well-being
  • Being more at home in your body and your life

Classes include how to:

  • access and integrate your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wisdom
  • understand and enhance your own energy system
  • explore and release issues and energy blocks that inhibit your growth and joy